Behavioral Counseling

Is your pet behaving in a strange or disruptive manner? If so, you need to get to the bottom of it. Some behavioral changes are due to underlying medical conditions, while others are rooted in emotional stress, chemical imbalances, or cognitive problems. Our doctors at Allenstown Animal Hospital can help determine the cause of your pet's behavioral problem and provide expert counseling on how you can help your pet feel and behave better.

Common Pet Behavior Issues

Different pet owners may have different parameters for what they consider to be "misbehavior." For the most part, however, any behavior that disrupts the household, causes property damage or indicates a significant change in your pet's mental or emotional state may constitute a behavioral concern. Some of the common behavioral issues that may alarm pet owners include:

  • Inappropriate elimination - If your cat is urinating or defecating outside of the litter box all of a sudden, or your dog has somehow managed to forget his house training, there may be a number of factors at work. Pets can become upset if the household environment changes or grows stressful, for example. In some cases, old age or a bladder/bowel problem could be the culprit.
  • Odd actions - Is your pet chasing his tail or obsessively digging away at the ground (or your carpet?) A digging dog may be bored and/or seeking security. Tail chasing can indicate an obsessive/compulsive disorder that requires treatment.
  • Separation anxiety - If your pet has never learned how to be apart from you for periods of time, he may cry, howl, or exhibit destructive behavior. This emotional problem is called separation anxiety.

How Your Veterinarian at Our Clinic Can Help

Our veterinarians at Allenstown Animal Hospital will examine your pet to check for any underlying health issues that might be contributing to his/her behavioral issues. It's possible that your pet might have a medical condition that can be corrected with the proper treatment and/or medication  (anxiety or an obsessive-compulsive disorder are good examples). If your pet has cognitive, vision or hearing problems, we can counsel you on how to accommodate those limitations at home.

Many behavioral problems respond well to training or re-training. We can advise you on specific training resources and strategies to amend a case of separation anxiety, aggression, pulling on the leash and other misbehavior. Your veterinarian can also help you identify and fix household issues that are disturbing your pet.

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You want your pet to be happy, comfortable, and well-behaved -- and our veterinarians  want to help. Call {603-485-7133} to schedule an evaluation and discuss our behavioral counseling services!


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