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  • Has Your Pet Eaten Something It Shouldn’t Have? Your Allenstown Vet Is Here To Help
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Has Your Pet Eaten Something It Shouldn’t Have? Your Allenstown Vet Is Here To Help

Has Your Pet Eaten Something It Shouldn’t Have? Your Allenstown Vet Is Here To Help

If your pet has eaten something poisonous or toxic in Allenstown, NH it can mean life or death. That is why you need to know how to react when a pet has ingested food or an object that might be dangerous. Here at Allenstown Animal Hospital Dr. Suzan Watkins is our full-service vet doctor with more information about what you should do.

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How can I Tell If My Pet Has Swallowed Something?

If the pet has ingested something, they will not be able to keep food or water down. They may be able to drink or eat, but pretty soon they will regurgitate the material. When they do the object may or may not come up with the vomit. If they do not vomit up the foreign object, then it is likely that it has traveled farther into the intestine.

When Should I Seek Medical Attention at an Allenstown Vet?

In any case when a pet swallows something it should not, you need to contact our Allenstown veterinarian. We can provide diagnostics including ultrasound immediately to identify the object. If pet surgery is necessary, we offer anesthesia and surgery here at Allenstown Animal Hospital. 

Will the Object Pass on its Own?

It could, but it is far more likely that the animal will try to vomit up or pass the object naturally in its intestines. If the object traverses the intestines, the object is at risk of blocking the intestine, which is a very dangerous situation. The pet will start vomiting excessively to get rid of fluid building up due to the blockage. The bowel wall can also become damaged. In either case, this is a fatal situation if not treated immediately. 

Contact Our Veterinarian in Allenstown

Here at our veterinarian in Allenstown we also treat pets in Concord, Pembroke, Hooksett, and Manchester, NH. At Allenstown Animal Hospital our services include pet wellness exams, pet surgery, ECG for pets, and pet dentistry. We also have an in-house lab and pet pharmacy for your convenience. Contact our office at 603-466-7162 if you have any questions about something your pet has eaten or to schedule an appointment. We are currently offering a 10 percent discount for new pet wellness visits.


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