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Designed by award winning Boston architect Warren Freedenfeld, Allenstown Animal Hospital was constructed in two phases. Originally built as an out-patient clinic associated with another area hospital in 1984, Allenstown Animal Hospital's design was awarded "Veterinary Clinic of the Year" by Veterinary Economics magazine. The addition of a surgery suite, radiology room, and kennel area was completed in 1994 when Dr. Watkins took over ownership.

Because it was built specifically as a hospital, Allenstown Animal Hospital has many qualities that makes it superior to other animal care facilities converted from other uses. Features such as an HVAC system that is separated into 3 specific use areas to isolate air-borne pathogens and odors. Our flooring utilizes sanitary, seamless cove molding allowing for more thorough cleaning and elimination of unwanted bacteria. One of the first things many visitors comment on is that our hospital doesn't have the "smell" usually associated with other animal hospitals. Many of our rooms take advantage of natural light sources and natural wood cabinetry, creating a calming effect for patients and a more enjoyable work environment for our staff.

Reception and Waiting

Treatment and Kennels

Our treatment room is where we perform many non-surgical procedures and in-patient examintions. This is the busiest room in our hospital. The bank of cages in the photo is the post-surgical and critical care recovery area. It is located in the trearment room so that our staff can closely monitor all post-surgical patients.

Our kennel area is for all non-critical patients. Dog runs feature autoflushing waste disposal, climate control separate from the rest of the hospital, and natural lighting. Our cages are plastic construction rather than stainless steel for increased warmth and comfort of our patients.


Our modern, state-of-the-art surgery suite is equipped with pulse oximetry and EKG for monitoring all patients under anesthesia. We use only isofluorane and sevofluorane anesthetic gases for your pet's safety during procedures.

In our Radiology room we use an x-ray machine designed specifically for veterinary use. Our Digital Xray System ensures highly detailed radiographs of your pet. Copies can easily, and quickly, be emailed to Board Certified Specialists in the event that further evaluation is necessary.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The Veterinarians are very nice and all the staff have been so nice to Peanut everytime we go in.
    They are very knowledgeable about my pet."
    Richard J Ross
  • "We have been dealing with Allenstown Animal Hospital for many years. They have always provided excellent care to our dogs and very good advice to us. The staff are top notch and they have always accommodated our needs."
    Shelly Guido