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As temperatures cool fleas and ticks become more active!

All kidding aside, the battle against Fleas and Ticks is one that we see people struggling with all too frequently. Ticks, besides being disgusting parasites to look at, carry some nasty diseases that can have debilitating, even life threatening, effects on pets and humans.  Fleas are the source of great discomfort to pets, carry disease, cause skin infections, intestinal parasites and even life threatening anemia in severe infestations.  Once you have an infestation it can be really hard to get rid of.  Do not wait until the weather is warm and fleas and ticks are active to begin using a preventative. Waiting until parasites are active leaves a window of opportunity for your pet to become infected with a parasite transmitted disease.  

New advances in the fight against fleas and ticks:

Because fleas and ticks are such prolific breeders, some resistance to older generation preventatives is inevitable and it is important that manufacturers develop new, unique molecules and methods of delivery, to help control these parasites. We’re refining the products we are recommending based on what we are seeing and experiencing here on the "front lines" of animal health. We see a wide array of pets with parasite problems and also what products work well and what products seem to be experiencing a lack of, or decrease in, effectiveness.  Some of the popular flea and tick preventatives that have been around a long time are based on very old technology and delivery systems, and while they were much more effective than the sprays and powders they replaced, are now also being replaced by newer, safer and more effective innovations in parasite prevention.  We are committed to only recommending the most advanced, effective and safest products for your pet. Because of this were are updating our recommendations for flea and tic prevention products.

Our current recommendations for flea and tick prevention are:

  • Bravecto Oral Flea and Tick Preventative for Dogs
  • Bravecto Topical Flea an Tick Preventative for Cats
  • Seresto Flea and Tick collar for Dogs AND Cats
  • Activyl Flea Preventative for Cats


Bravecto is a member of the newest weapon in the arsenal of flea and tick preventatives. It is manufactured by Merck Animal Health.   Using safe and effective extended duration molecular technology, Bravecto Oral provides 3 months of flea and tick prevention in one chewable tablet.  We have been recommending it since July 2014 and have dispensed over a thousand doses with no adverse reactions and exceptional parasite prevention.  In fact, the feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Bravecto comes in a convenient, single-dose chewable tablet for dogs and topical spot-on for cats. It offers:

  • Immediate and persistent flea (Ctenocephalides felis) killing activity for 12 weeks
  • Immediate and persistent tick killing activity for 12 weeks (Ixodes scapularis – black-legged tick (previously known as the deer tick),Dermacentor variabilis – American dog tick,and Rhipicephalus sanguineus – brown dog tick)

The active substance of BRAVECTO, fluralaner, is a new ectoparasiticide belonging to the isoxazoline group, is systemically active against fleas and ticks. BRAVECTO is presented as a flavored chew that dogs accept readily and an easy to apply topical for cats. The product can be used as part of a treatment strategy for the control of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) as a direct result of eliminating flea infestations. The most common side effects are mild and transient gastrointestinal effects.

Seresto Flea & Tick Collars (for dogs and cats)

Seresto is the newest Flea and Tick preventative from Bayer Animal Health. Seresto collars combine “Imidacloprid” for killing fleas and a new molecule, “Flumethrin”, for killing ticks.  The collar utilizes a long lasting sustained release technology.

Two things make this collar appealing:

1.) It is the first (and only) new product since Frontline that kills both fleas AND ticks on both Dogs and Cats.

2.) It lasts for up to 8 months!

We know that Flea and Tick collars are not always the first choice of many people.  There are, however, some definite advantages.  The active ingredients are slowly released and maintain a safe but effective level on your pet for a long period of time.  This is an improvement over monthly applications of spot-ons that tend to lose effectiveness to varying degrees prior to the end of the 30 day application cycle..  It’s a great choice if you tend to “forget” to reapply spot-on preventatives when they are due.  We have had very positive feedback from pet owners that don't mind their pet wearing a fleas/tick collar.

Activyl for Cats

A unique new molecule for the prevention of flea associated problems in cats!

Merck Animal Health launched the new Activyl line of topical flea and tick preventative in the United States in 2012.  What make this product exciting is it incorporates an entirely new insecticidal molecule called Indoxacarb.  Indoxacarb is special because of several things:

It is “bioactivated” —a mode of action that uses enzymes inside the flea to activate Activyl's full flea-killing power.Indoxacarb is an entirely new molecule so resistance is not an issue.

Unlike some flea treatments, Activyl® doesn’t just kill adult fleas, it also stops flea eggs and larvae from developing. Breaking the flea life cycle is important, so your pet is not re-infested by new fleas developing from flea eggs and larvae in your home environment.  It is extremely safe for your pet.

We started recommending Activyl for Cats in 2012  because we were seeing more and more cats that were experiencing persistent flea infestations, even when already on some of the old stand-by products.  The results were truly remarkable, so remarkable in fact that we now recommend it to all cat owners when tick prevention is not a concern.  Activyl for cats contains Indoxacarb for flea prevention. It is not a tick preventative.  Activyl is spot-on applied monthy. We dispense Activyl for cats in 1,3 and 6 month packs.  

For the time being, we will still carrying Activyl Tick Plus for dogs (flea and tick prevention) in single doses for those clients that prefer to purchase parasite prevention on a monthly basis.

The manufacturers of these products have some great incentives this Spring so give us a call to find out more about which product is best for your pet.

Don't wait until you see fleas and ticks on your pet, start applying a preventative now! 


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